Admission Requirements:
1. Child that enters may not be younger than 3 months and not older than 6 years.
2. Immunization of the child should be up to date.
3. Parents must be available during school hours.
4. Parents take responsibility to keep information up to date.
5. Make sure that school fees are payed in advance before or on the 5th day of every month (including December).
6. See that child gets to school neat and tidy.
7. Below registration procedures will comply.


1.Once off amount of R550.00 for booking child’s place.
2. Fees include the following:
• School T-shirt
• Face cloth with embroidered symbol child received
• Communication Book
• Visitors
• Stationery and art supplies


School fees are payable in advance on or before the 5th of each month.
• School fees are payable over a period of 12 months (January to December).
• One month's written notice if your child leaves the school.



Documents & Brochures



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